Ulnae on show picked as one of “The Five Best Concerts In DFW This Weekend, Dec. 6-9” by Dallas Observer Blog

Dead Week Print Show 2012
Friday, December 7, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, $3/$5

As the fall semester comes to an end in Denton, Gutterth and Pan Ector once again host the Dead Week Print Show at Rubber Gloves and the Meme Gallery, a tandem print art/music event featuring the electronically assisted sounds of Zorch, New Fumes, Summer of Glaciers, Def Rain and Ulnae, and locally sourced poster art, which could easily double as the perfect Christmas gift for an aesthetically-minded friend or family member. — Audra Schroeder Full article


More press about the show…

In celebration of the school year ending, each semester Gutterth Records puts together a music showcase called the “Dead Week Print Show” at Rubber Gloves and the adjacent Meme Gallery’s arts space attached to the venue. During the “dead week” before college finals, the print show features fine art prints from P.A.N.T.S., the Printmakers Association Of North Texas Students, and an equally as talented lineup of musical performances. This year’s lineup features rock, synth-pop and hip-hop performances by Zorch, New Fumes, Summer Of Glaciers, Def Rain and Ulnae. — By Rachel Watts

Price: $3/$5


Zorch/New Fumes/Summer of Glaciers/Def Rain/Ulnae (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): It’s Gutterth’s tradition to host a big event during UNT’s “Dead Week,” and this features some quality acts (New Fumes, Ulnae, and Def Rain, especially) along with the usual live printmaking. Christopher Mosley of  D Magazine Front Row


In Preview of Tonight’s Dead Week Print Show, a Chat with Lily Taylor and Darcy Neal of Ulnae

By Audra Schroeder Fri., Dec. 7 2012 at 8:00 AM



Ulnae is the fairly new project of singer Lily Taylor and cellist Darcy Neal (also of Bludded Head), who combine free-form sound, visuals and a bit of theatre into their experimental live show. In preview of tonight’s Dead Week Print Show at Rubber Gloves and the Meme Gallery, with Zorch, New Fumes, Def Rain and Summer of Glaciers, we asked Taylor and Neal a bit about their collaboration. More…

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